JohannaSoft Silent PDF Printing

JohannaSoft is providing several software solutions for silent PDF Printing.
All software solutions are written in Java, and portable among all operating systems supporting Java 5 and above.
There are three different software solutions, for silent printing PDF files:

    It comes with SJPrint Core, SJPrint Service,  and SJPrint GUI (for configuration pourposes).
    Edition for developers that want an easy and quick integration of SJPrint Core functionality into their own systems.
    Deploy SJPrint as a Http enabled service on any Java Application Server supporting WAR files. 
    Post PDF files and silent print them on server's local print resources.
    Discover server's print resources and use them, for silent printing of pdf files.
All of this software solutions for silent unnatended PDF printing are free to use in both commercial and non-commercial solutions. 

     For more information or general enquiries, please contact us at JohannaSoft SJPrint email.

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